Ducati Ride Plan:

how this all works


Ducati South Africa offer something unique in the world of South African motorcycling – a service and maintenance plan. The car industry might be reading this and thinking that it can’t be true, because this has been very much standard issue in the car industry for many years.

They call their it the Ducati Ride Plan and is an option for all new and used Ducati motorcycles bought from the Ducati dealers that covers all services, chain replacements, brake pads, brake discs, fork seals and other serviceable goods. This is over and above the usual warranty. This does not include tyres and anything clearly the result of abuse.

It applies to all motorcycles ridden on the road and those ridden on track days, but not those used for racing.

Tel: 011 919 1600
Web: www.ducati.co.za


Ducati Rider Plan DRP