Pics and video: Ducati Owners Club of SA Red Star ride


The Ducati Owners Club of South Africa hosted their June ride with this one having something special –  instead of going to a breakfast venue, they went to Red Star Raceway near Delmas for a few laps and a parade. Jonathan Isherwood, the president of DOCSA, tells us about it:

Sunday 10 June 2018 saw us all gather again at Ducati Randburg on a chilly (3 degs C with frost on the car) morning.

a Ducati Owners Club South Africa DOCSA Red Star 1
We had a super turn out with about 45 bikes meeting at Ducati and thanks to Werner Dreyer for organising and ushering the riders from the PTA meeting point which saw another 8 riders join us at the venue.
We headed to Red Star for some track time. Upon arrival everyone was ushered into riders briefing and given a rundown on the track and some of the important flag signals. We also were treated to insight into the BOTTS racing series with indicative costs for all those wanting to try their hand at putting their super bikes to use where they were intended – THE RACE TRACK!

a Ducati Owners Club South Africa DOCSA Red Star 11
What a fantastic day at the track. Two sessions and plenty of smiles from the DOCSA riders said it all! I suspect the ”track day” bug may have bitten a few of our members and I am sure we will be seeing them entering more track days soon.
I am happy to report that we also didn’t have to trailer any bikes back in parts. Although there was an excursion or two for some newer riders into the kitty litter, all were safe and sound with no damages or repair bills.

Ducati Owners Club South Africa DOCSA Red Star 1
Our thanks go out to Tracylynn and her team at Red Star Raceway for creating a DOCSA only group and giving us all an opportunity to put the bikes on the track. I would also like to thank our DOCSA members Mick and Paul, who are BOTTS riders, for getting their fellow BOTTS riders to help on the track with some lines through the corners.
From the feedback received by those who attended, it seems another ride to the track will be a must towards the end of the year.

Thanks to you all for making it a fun day. Ride safely, stay warm and see you all for the 8 July 2018 ride.

Jonathan Isherwood

Ducati Owners Club South Africa

Ducati contact details:
Tel: 011 919 1600

DOCSA Red Star Ride Video:



DOCSA Red Star Ride Gallery – click to enlarge:

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