Ducati South Africa opens

Cape Town branch


Ducati Cape Town is the second store that has opened under Toby Venter, the man behind the success of both Porsche South Africa and the rejuvenated Kyalami Raceway, since he took over as importer of the brand in 2013. His policy for Ducati was much the same as that of Porsche – open fewer dealerships, make sure they can carry all the stock, a large number of spares, a large number of accessories and a have a large, specialised workshop; a sort of one-stop Ducati shop.

Also, he insisted that these dealerships are wholly owned by  him, giving him more room to manage the price of the products and alleviate the need for big warehouses and that sort of costly thing. At the time, it was a hugely controversial tactic, as it meant that the previous Ducati shops lost their dealerships and the only store servicing the while country was the one in Johannesburg.

Although, four years down the line since Venter and Ducati SA GM Johnny Araujo took the reigns, it seems to be paying off. At a time when most importers are feeling the crunch of the economic down turn, Ducati is seeing record sales in South Africa.

Now, they have opened their second dealer, in Cape Town, at the popular V&A Waterfront in the hub of the city. The store is managed by Anston Collins, who developed a name for himself at the previous Ducati Cape Town. Anston’s love for Ducati never kept him far away and he has spent the past few years co-ordinating test rides and services for Ducati clients in Cape Town until the main dealership was completed.

This is only the second dealership in a plan by Ducati South Africa to open stores in each of the main centres throughout the country. With Ducati SA selling record numbers with just one dealership, we can only imagine what they can do with many.

Address: 3 Waterway House South, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Tel: +27 21 000 2100
E-mail: anston@ducati.co.za

Business Hours:

Mon – Fri        08:00-17:30
Saturdays      08:30-13:30

Ducati Service:
Mon – Fri       07:30-17:00
Saturdays      08:30-13:30



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