Ducati announces Multistrada V4 equipped with radar



We knew it was coming and now it is official – Ducati is building a V4 version of the popular Multistrada, the fourth generation of this model, fitted with radar.

The Multistrada has served as Ducati’s SUV with the tall, upright seating position of an adventure bike to endure the long road while keeping the sporty 17-inch road wheels and a chassis compact enough to damage the egos of superbike riders through mountain passes.

Except now it is doing away with the long-serving V-twin motor platform and replacing it with the V-four configuration seen in the Panigale V4 and the Streetfighter V4. For now, Ducati is light on the details of this version saying only that it will be sporty, smooth and have record-breaking maintenance intervals, and have promised more information on November 15.

DUCATI_Front-radar_UC198004_Low multistrada v4

Even more headline-grabbing is the announcement that the new Multistrada will feature the first radar guidance system fitted to a production motorcycle. It involves two sensors, roughly the size of action cameras, fitted to the front and rear of the bike. The forward sensor serves as guidance for the cruise control that uses both the throttle and brakes to automatically maintain four levels of distance to other vehicles while travelling anywhere between 30 and 160 km/h.

The rear radar sensor monitors vehicles from the rear and in the blind spots, warning the rider of vehicles approaching too quickly.

DUCATI_Rear-radar_UC198005_Low multistrada v4 The bike is currently in production in the Borgo Panigale factory and is scheduled for an official reveal on November 4.