Discomfort for Binder in 20th at Silverstone


Things didn’t go well for Brad Binder today at Silverstone, after an encouraging day yesterday, as he qualified on the seventh row in 20th place. Much of this was down to a newfound bad feeling with the bike: “I didn’t feel very well today, and despite that we have improved our best time from yesterday.”

Front end issues meant he ran wide on a few corners, essentially scrapping the laps he was on. On the last lap, he managed to scrape together a 2:07.991 – his best for the weekend – leaving him 20th. “During qualifying I didn’t feel very comfortable with the front; every lap was the same and I lost confidence in the front. It was very difficult to try to set a fast lap, because every time I pushed a little I made a mistake and I went off the track.”

As is becoming clear, Binder is far better during the race on Sunday than he is during practice, and tomorrow is a different day entirely. “We need to think about the warmup in the morning and find a setup that allows us find more feeling. From there we can try to look ahead and recover as many positions as possible in the race. It’s something that we know we can do, because we have shown as much on other occasions.”

The Moto2 race will be on at 2pm English time tomorrow, which is 3pm in South Africa. The MotoGP race will be on afterwards. The races are on later than usual to accommodate the Formula One race earlier in the day, and later still in South Africa because of the time zone differences.

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