Darryn Binder to race for Red Bull KTM in 2018


We have not yet seen an official press release yet, but what we did see from the Team Platinum Bay Real Estate is that Spain’s Jaume Masia will replace Darryn Binder in the team next year, and will also race for them in 2019.

This left a feeling of horror in the stomachs of a many a Darryn Binder fan with the thought of where he might end up next year. however, according to Michael Hill Promotions the younger Binder brother is set to follow in older Binder brother’s shoes and race for the venerable Red Bull KTM Ajo team next year, the very team that Brad Binder was with when he dominated the Moto3 world title last year, and the team he is currently racing for in Moto2.

This is good news all round, if proven to be true, because as many a pundit has said, including Brad Binder himself, Darryn has at least as much pace as his older brother if not possibly more.

This is also good news for the Ajo team whom have hired Antonelli as Binder’s replacement, and whose current 20th in the World Championship standings leaves much to be desired.

We await news of an official press release which will hopefully confirm all this to be true. Let’s hold thumbs until then.

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