DA councillor suspended after social media calls for bikers to die a gruesome death


According to News24, a Democratic Alliance councillor in the Northern Cape Province has been suspended after he took to social media on Sunday and called for all motorcyclists to die gruesome deaths.

Ockert Fourie (no relation), the councillor for the Sol Plaatje Municipality – an area that includes the famous mining city of Kimberley, wrote on Facebook in Afrikaans: “I wish I could just take pieces of steal [and see the] blood and intestines and brains [of motorcyclists] against lamp poles and on tar roads.”

This post was in response to what he perceived as biker’s lack of respect for the elderly. “You can’t educate them because they swear and gang up on you and just make more noise. So, blood tissue and pieces of skull and intestines against lamp poles will give satisfaction for this hateful conduct and conscienceless people.”

Today, the DA announced that Ockert (we are going to leave his last name out of this for now) is suspended from the DA, and according to DA Northern Cape leader Andrew Louw the party seems less than pleased with his conduct.

“Fourie has brought the province into disrepute and I would like to apologise on behalf of the DA in the Northern Cape to every biker whose human rights have been affected,” he told News24.

The post has since been deleted, but not before a backlash of angry people could comment. Among them was Amelia Rensburg Viljoen who quite rightly pointed out: “Did you know that bike clubs exist and ride mostly for charity?”

This statement is exactly right, with the likes of The Toy Run and The Santa Run being the biggest two motorcycling events of the year, plus each club and organisation hosting their own individual charity events every weekend, it’s a wonder that people can be so narrow-minded and short sighted.

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Anita 19th December 2017 at 7:57 pm

You bastard..i wish I can face you…your face will never be the same…bikers are for real and do more charity work than any one else..do you know that every Sunday morning a group of bikers stop at a 4way stop in Krugersdorp and pray for every single persons live including you you fool…show me a car that stop and do that nope never that’s why bikers do that…You must pray that what you said won’t turn back on you and your family…karma is a b…….

Gutlela 19th December 2017 at 8:11 pm

Being a motorcycle rider myself I can almost identify but not generalize. Incident at toyrun charity event where some “tough” piswilly spoiled brat makes burnouts on loose gravel tarred road damaging numerous bikes in the process and then when I complain these “bikers” call me a Kaffir who does not belong on this “real bikers jols” like the toyrun ha ha ha toyrun a biker jol, then threatens to bliksim anyone who dare complain shouts like a mad streetwhore on crack. Futsek I will never respect nor attend nor support any “biker” whatever no respect.

    Tiaan 19th December 2017 at 9:07 pm

    Gutlela those “people” you discribed are not bikers. Those are excuses of humans, more like brandy hyped hill billy pieces of sh*ts. I bet you they will do the same when spinning cars, and will that make you hating car drivers?

Alexia Abnett 19th December 2017 at 10:41 pm

Ignorant biased nasty individual! He has no right to say what he said. TRUTH ve told its the bikers who nine times out ten are killed through bad car drivers! Unite bikers and get this person fired!!

Kiewiet Potgieter 20th December 2017 at 12:48 am

I am in the red angry as hell with the words Ockert Fourier has ultered on his Facebook and it maby can be deleted from his Facebook but its burnt into my mind same as in each biker who read it.To read such bulshit storie about my brothers or sisters out there.He has to apologize in public for what he did and said.And the DA needs to fire his ass from council.I will never forgive him for the reason as from sonday every biker that went down wil be hold against him for the words he spoke upon us.And on another note when we as biker gooi a donut we ask for premition from owners off the erea or places we visit.And most of the time that elderlys they smaak it kwaai they some gooi a rev or two them self’s.same as the children.Mr Ockert Fourie one day not long from today you wil be in need of a biker to help you with food or what ever or when you stuck on the road with your family on a dangerous road or where ever and you wil then start feeling kak about what you spoke upon us.only then when you realize that the biker remember you and wil stil help you out of you situation.I Pray for you Mr Fourie your eyes needs to open that you can start seeing the things that matter for all and not just for you.

Rudi 20th December 2017 at 6:26 am

Lest I commit the same sin of pre judgement, I would like to know what incident prompted his outrageous remark. I have had good experiences with bike clubs, bikers and motorcyclists in general. As a rider myself (non club affiliated), I have encountered people of the motorcycle fraternity, who’s actions or arrogance on the road have elicited similar sentiments from me, albeit not on Facebook, and directed towards the specific riders and not a fraternity in general. I would suggest that more would be gained if instead of resorting to torches and pitchforks, we admit to the following:
1) brain farts are a human impediment affecting all of us.
2) there are many forms of roadusers, legitimately on the roads at the same time
3)every non biker would love the agility, freedom and enjoyment that bikers enjoy on the roads
4) every biker would love the presence, consideration and decreased vulnerability enjoyed by drivers
5)there are bikers among us who’s actions earn them the outrage of other road users instead
6) it is easier to control your action, than someones elses reaction
7)there is so much more to gain in applying thought in consideration to a stuck zipper than increased force, lest you jam it up with something you value highly.
Keep it tidy guys. Its silly season, human intelligence wanes when a machine translates it into action on the tarmac, and Merry Christmas.

Johan 20th December 2017 at 8:57 am

Post his address

sannie v.rooyen 20th December 2017 at 10:49 am

ek het al dikwels die vrypostigheid gehad om die manne te nader en net te se hi, oral was almal nog net respekvol teenoor my. ons het saam gelag en geskoor en ek is ook n ritjie op die fiets aangebied. nee die manne met wie ek gesels het was almal sonder uitsondering baie spontaan, vriendelik en beleefd. ek het die grootste respek vir ons bikers. oordentlike manne van suid afrika. stem nooit weer vir die DA.nie

Johan 20th December 2017 at 11:30 pm

Generalizing idiot. Yes, some do behave badly but so do some cage drivers.I saw the same from a bakkie driver today… and that wrapping it around a lamp post doesn’t seem such a bad idea 🤔… which brings me to the question. Is it just me, or are large bakkies taking over from those well known luxury car drivers being pushy & aggressive… apology for generalizing.

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