Story: Harry Fisher

Seriously? He did it again? Isn’t he supposed to be one of the most experienced riders on the grid and yet, for the second time, Rossi left his pit stop to change from a wet-tyred bike to his dry-tyred bike far too late and allowed Marc Marquez to cruise to one of the easiest victories of his career. Muppet.

Everyone started on wet tyres but Marc Marquez started on the softer compound rear tyre which very quickly left him in trouble and dropping down the order to 10th place at the end of lap two at which point he dived for the pits to change bikes. It turned out that this was a masterstroke of timing, albeit fortuitous, as it was exactly the right time to do that. His first couple of laps on slicks might have been a bit hairy but he quickly took advantage of the fast-drying track to start posting lap times 10-seconds faster than anyone else. Three laps of that – before Rossi came in – allowed Marquez to take the lead as Rossi, at that point in the lead closely followed by Zarco, hit the speed-limited pit lane. Zarco was overtaken by Marquez on track even before he came into the pits. Second Muppet.

When everything had shaken out, Marquez had a 20-second lead and cruised to victory. Rossi re-joined in 14th and made his way to fourth at the end, behind Pedrosa in second and Vinales in third.

Again, what a muppet. And Yamaha; they’re even bigger muppets.

Lorenzo was fast at the start of the race and actually led for three laps after overtaking Marquez on lap one but lost the lead to Rossi and stopped on lap four. After the pit stops he languished down in a millionth or somewhere and never featured from there.

Iannone gave us all a good laugh when he came into the pits by falling off his bike, sending it skittling into Rins’ bike, damaging it slightly and leaving Rins to ride with a pair of bananas as handlebars.

With Marquez and Pedrosa out in front, Petrucci, Espargaro and Crutchlow fought over third until Vinales and Rossi put them in their places and sorted that one out.

But, I’m sorry; Rossi is the biggest plonker of the day. His post-pit-stop pace indicated that he had what it took to run at the front but instead he inexplicably kept on riding past pit entrance when it was obvious even to a blind donkey that the track was dry enough for slicks. Hell, it was even dry enough on the out-lap before the race even started. What makes it worse is that it’s not even the first time he’s done it. Will he never learn? Probably not, actually.

And to everyone who says that Marquez made the most amazingly timed decision to come in; sod off. It was pure luck. That and the fact that all his rivals cocked it up in no uncertain terms.









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