Competition: Win a set of Michelin Road 5 tyres


Earlier in the year, Donovan went on one of his “holidays” to Seville in Spain where he tested Michelin’s new Road 5, the French company’s new street sport tyre. It has some pretty good innovations, including the first motorcycle tyre to make use of 3D printing in its design.

MICHELIN _Road5_Sevilla_112
This is braking in the sopping wet on a Road 5 with 5000 km on it. Note the back wheel in the air.

It’s 2CT dual compound system has been redesigned to offer better support and it has a clever system within its tread that allows it to still displace water even after the tyre has worn. They proved it at the launch where they took a set of Road 5s with 5000km on the clock and a brand new set of Road 4s, the Road 5s obvious predecessor, and had a Michelin test rider do a brake test of a soaked piece of road. Despite 5000km worth of wear, the Road 5s still came to a halt in a shorter distance than the new Road 4s.

The Road 5 was launched in South Africa at the South Africa Bike Festival and Michelin have been selling them by the truck load ever since. They are on sale for a recommended retail price of R4,500 but you might not have to depart with any of your precious coffers with The Bike Show.

MICHELIN _Road5_Sevilla_004
The tread on the front looking aggressive.

We are giving away a set in a lucky draw at the end of July, and to enter all you need to do it subscribe to our mailing list. To do that, go to the home page of this site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in the short form. The computer will then send you a mail asking you to confirm your email address and you have entered.

The lucky winner will be notified by email in the beginning of August and the logistics will be arranged.