Bradley Cox signs up for top-level American race


Bradley Cox America

Story: ZCMC
Fresh off a Cross Country victory in the Koue Bokkeveld, Bradley Cox – the son of legendary enduro and rally racer Alfie Cox – is already gearing up for the next event on his jam-packed racing calendar. The multi-disciplined star will head to Lesotho for the third round of the National Enduro Championship on Saturday – an area that is considered paradise for every rider that enjoys putting his technical skills to the test.

This will be Cox’s last local event before an exciting international venture. The rider has signed up to take on a GNCC event on 19 May – the highest level of offroad racing in America.

We catch up with a determined Cox as he attempts to further his cross country career:

What do you find most appealing about GNCC?

After a successful rookie season in the National Cross Country series, an international event like GNCC really spoke to me. The route is insane – it’s like a three-hour motocross race with deep ruts and forest trails. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do two rounds last year and got some really good results. With a bit more experience this season, I’m really excited to get back and try better that.

What do you hope to gain from your 2019 experience of racing at GNCC?

After my trip last year, I gained some incredible knowledge about how to race that kind of terrain. My ultimate dream is to race there full time, so I’m hoping that this experience will open up a door for me. Kenny Gilbert raced this series for years and look the kind of rider it developed him into – so I’m just hoping that experiencing racing at this level will shape me in the same way.

Are there any international enduro events on the cards this season?

Not at the moment, I really wanted to go to Erzberg but that’s unfortunately not possible this year. My weekends are pretty full, and my main focus in on the National Championship. But I will be going back to America later this year for some more GNCC races.

What makes GNCC different from our local offroad races?

It’s actually really similar to KwaZulu-Natal regional cross country series. It’s about 25-30km loops that are really tight and through forests. The route just gets really rough in America – there are 4000 riders that enter and we have the last race of the weekend. The hours are pretty similar to racing at home, but picking your lines is really different considering how rough the track gets.

Describe the level of competition at this international event.

It’s insane – the best riders from all over the world take their place at the start line. When I got a good result here last year, it gave me a massive confidence boost to know that I can maybe be one of the best someday. It’s also a good indication of where you are – these guys are just so fast, and I’m really looking to gain that level of speed.