Bonkers KTM unveil a new Super Duke GT that we will probably never see


244713_RSC2363 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

KTM truly are a bonkers company. What we are used to seeing in press releases, especially ones concerning sports-tourers, are photos of people riding said bike in an enjoyable yet responsible manner. When it comes to promoting pillion comfort, we see a bike with panniers being ridden politely through winding valley with people who, if they didn’t have helmets on, can be seen smiling as though they were in a Colgate commercial.

Not KTM. Note the photo above that shows the new 1290 Super Duke GT going around a corner with panniers, while both rider and pillion trying their utmost to scrape their faces on the floor. You’ve got to love KTM.

At Intermot, they unveiled these photos and the new GT. Like its predecessor, it is based on the 1290  Super Duke, the world’s maddest naked motorcycle, but the GT version entails more luxury, offering a screen, more comfortable seating, a set of panniers standard and a motor that isn’t trying to kill you quite as much.

Although, saying that, for this model they’ve now thrown in titanium inlet valves, a revised resonating chamber and new maps that boost the power to 175hp and the torque to 141Nm. The power at lower rpm is also boosted and it now gets a KTM Quickshifter+ that allows clutchless upshift and downshift that should make for a smoother ride for your passenger, especially when the two fo you are apparently trying to break the lap record around Kyalami.

The electronics are new, with lean sensitive ABS and traction control for better trail breaking into Turn One, with updated riding modes including one for when your pillion and you are bonding out on track. In case your hands get cold as you dip through the mineshaft, there are now heated grips as standard, and there are small compartments on either side of the tank to hold spare change to bribe marshals.

244709_RSC2054 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The screen is new, with multiple adjustments doable with one hand, all while looking at the new TFT Dash. Also new is the standard issue KTM twin LED headlights with Daytime Running Lights and cornering lights in case you want to enter a 24 hour endurance race.

The chassis now sports WP semi-active suspension that KTM says is the most sophisticated they have ever produced, meaning extra comfort for your passenger as you hit the little bump while powering out of Sunset Bend. There are four digitally adjustable preload settings for rider, passenger, luggage or all three, so your wife can carry make up to do a touch up before the post race interview.

244708_RSC1995 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

This all sounds very enticing, but sadly it’s unlikely South Africa is going to see very many of these, if any at all. The reason is that they sold very few of the last model, and this is mostly KTM’s fault. You might think we are going to blame mismanagement, or lack of service, or bad marketing, but the truth is that if you want a high performing motorcycle that’s a thrill to ride, plus is comfortable for both rider and pillion on long journeys, with a host of advance electronic aids, what’s wrong with one of the Super Adventures?