Bonafide Retro Ride to Mama Mexicana tonight


The Bonafide Moto Co is a group of like-minded individuals that bang around on classics, retros, modern retros, customs, modern classics, future classics, past futures or anything else people call motorcycles that were previously just classed under the single umbrella “retros”.

Tonight, Tuesday 10 April, they will be hosting a Taco Tuesday ride from the famous Munro Drive in Houghton, meeting between 6 and 7pm, and doing a fun ride to Mama Mexicana in town for dinner. Apart from the organisers, Bonafide Moto Co, this even is also supported by Parabolica, the guys who import Rev’It! jackets, gloves, boots and assorted apparel to South Africa.

According to Shaun Wray of Parabolica: “The aim of these events is get a bunch of like minded people on modern classics and retro bikes together to just enjoy biking, open to guys and girls just come along and have fun!”

To found out more about tonight’s event, have a look at their Facebook event page:

Or, more so, you can also follow them on their Facebook page:


Bona Fide Taco Tuesady ride Mama Mexicana

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