Story: Mat Durans
Rucksacks are the unsung heroes of the motorcycle world; we all use them but rarely do we spare them a second thought.
Did you know, for instance, that many injuries received from binning a bike on the road are a direct result of the rider’s rucksack – or perhaps more accurately – what was in it? If you’re carrying anything with sharp, pointy bits then those are quite possibly going to end up jabbing you repeatedly as you roll down the road.
Boblbee blackThe Bobble from Swedish manufacturer Point65 solves those problems by turning a high quality rucksack into a back protector that can carry things. These designs have already proved themselves with extreme sports like mountain biking and skiing, and their use for motorcycling is a natural progression.
Having used the Boblbee for the last month or so I’ve begun to wonder how on earth I managed without one.
The one obvious difference between this and other rucksacks is the hard ABS plastic outer shell. This serves as the protection for the contents of the rucksack, and by extension for the rider as well.
Seen from the profile the curved shape at the bottom of the shell seems as it it wastes space, but the design is intended to keep weight as high on the back as possible and provide lumbar support with the lower portion. It really works, this is a supremely comfortable backpack.
That comfort is no doubt helped by the back panel that is made of a single piece of foam, ergonomically moulded to sit as snugly as possible. The foam is also designed to aid both ventilation and shock absorption.
Inside there all the usual pockets and compartments for everything from laptops to papers and pens. 
Boblbee whiteThe top cover has been engineered to close tightly via a ratchet system and is quick and easy to use. Once fastened the construction has the very useful added benefit of being almost completely waterproof.
The Boblbee is also aerodynamic, even when you assume a bit of a racing crouch – I’ve seen 220km/h with no feeling of turbulence from a full rucksack.
At very nearly R5000 for the version I was using it’s not a cheap item, but then quality never is. If you use a rucksack daily then I can highly recommend investing that amount, the quality is high enough that you’ll still be using it in ten years’ time.
Where can I buy it?
 We were running a competition to win one of these new back packs, but it is now closed. Apologies.