Last year, BMW released the R18, a cruiser that pays homage to the black-clad legendary BMW’s of old. Its biggest highlight is the 1802cc, air-cooled boxer twin that chugs out enough torque to stop Jupiter spinning.

Now, BMW has announced two further iterations of the R18 based on American cruisers – the R18 Transcontinental and the R18 Bagger.

The Transcontinental ticks all the highway cruiser boxes, with a front fairing hosting a high windshield, a wind deflector and flaps. The cockpit styling is being kept old-school with four analogue dials accompanying a somewhat un-old-school ten-inch TFT colour display. More touring goodness added includes an additional headlamp, a Marshall sound system, engine protection bars, panniers, a top box, heated seats, chrome trimming and silver metallic engine colouring.

In contrast, the R 18 B does without a top case and offers a low windshield, a slimmer seat, and a matt black metallic engine in the style of a “bagger”.

BMW R18 Transcontinental Bagger 30994_highRes

Apart from colour changes, the motor remains the same as the original R18 pushing 91hp while delivering more than 150Nm of torque between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm.

The frame is still a double-loop tube steel construction with a backbone of sheet metal formed parts, styled to represent the original BMW boxers. The front suspension uses telescopic forks with fork sleeves and a cantilever spring strut with travel-dependent damping and automatic load compensation.

The electronics package features dynamic and active cruise control, LED lighting and an adaptive turning light with a swivel module, Seat heating and heated grips as standard, a keyless fob, ABS and more.

At the time of publishing, it is still unclear when these two models will be available nor at what price.

BMW R18 Transcontinental and Bagger image gallery – click to enlarge: