Bikers Lives Matter Run this Saturday from Biker’s Warehouse

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This is a run put together in aid of promoting biker awareness and safety, most importantly car drivers’ awareness of the fact that bikes exist and need to be looked out for before doing something stupid like pulling out in front of them, or changing lanes, or opening doors in the middle of the road and so on. This might be a tough gig, because car drivers inherently, based on the fact that they don’t ride motorcycles, are lacking in the brains department. Therefore, coaching said dafties will be a long and tedious process and will require tons of patience, but there are people doing it.

“We have noticed with concern the number of fatalities and serious injuries being metered against Bikers of all races on South African roads nationally,” remarked James Gwangwadza, the director of Bikers Lives Matter. “And a lack of follow up or even convictions for motor drivers who commit these offences against bikers, either under the influence of alcohol and or reckless and negligent driving on our roads.”

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Step forward the the Bikers Lives Matter Run, happening this Saturday, 6 October, starting at Biker’s Warehouse in Northriding, Randburg. The plan is for everyone to meet at the dealership at 8am that morning where there will be light snacks and refreshments plus a free badge. Everyone then departs at nine and embarks on a mass ride through the freeway loop of Johannesburg – from Malibongwe Drive to the N1 North, N3 East, N12 South, back on the N1 North before arriving at Malibongwe again.

There is more to this than simply riding en mass: “Our intention,” continued Gwangwadza, “is to hold this mass ride and hand over a memorandum with our concerns, stats, challenges and suggested solutions to the impasse we face to the National Prosecuting Authority, National Police, Police Minister, and the Department of Justice.”

Tel: 083 540 5805

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