Bike Tyre Warehouse offering ridiculous specials to Monocle racers


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Bike Tyre Warehouse is South Africa’s leading motorcycle tyre retailer, and is now turning their attention to track racers – more specifically, riders in the Monocle Series.

As we reported previously, Monocle debuts in 2019 and is a motorcycle racing series that does not need money. This is because they have a lot of it already. It is run by a crew from the somewhat exotic BOTTs Championship that was looking for a new home after the SuperGP Series ended last year. Not finding anything to their liking, they decided to simply go at it solo with their members fitting the bill and no needless politics. Afterwards, various other racers from other classes asked if they could join, and it sort of accidentally ended up becoming a whole series.

With their first round taking place at Red Star on 23 February, Bike Tyre Warehouse is offering ridiculously cheap prices on slick combos from Pirelli and Metzeler. This includes free fitment at their dealers in Midrand and at the Petrolheads Village in Fourways.

Below is their press release and their tyre special price list:

Get the power down at the Monocle Series with Bike Tyre Warehouse’s Metzeler and Pirelli track-tyre specials, top-of-the-range race tyres at rock-bottom prices:
• Free fitment & balancing on loose wheels to series participants
• Subsidised track tyre pricing, guaranteed the most affordable in SA
• We ship door-to-door from JHB, chop-chop

Bike Tyre Warehouse’s SLICK DEALS:

PIRELLI Diablo Super Corsa Cut Slick:
– (SC1) 110/70R-17 & 140/70-17, R3,500
– (SC1) 110/70R-17 & 150/60-17, R3,600
– (SC1) 110/70R-17 & 160/60-17, R3,700
– (SC1) 120/70R-17 & (SC1) 200/55-17, R4,400
– (SC2) 120/70R-17 & (SC2) 200/55-17, R4,500

METZELER Racetec RR Full Slick:
– (K1) 120/70R-17 & 200/60-17, R4,800
– (K2) 120/70R-17 & 200/60-17, R4,800

METZELER Racetec RR Cut Slick:
– (K1) 120/70R-17 & 200/55-17, R4,135
– (K2) 120/70R-17 & 200/55-17, R4,135
– (K3) 120/70R-17 & 200/55-17, R3,650

Bike Tyre Warehouse contact details:
Tel: 073 777 9269

Bike Tyre Warehouse Monocle Racing Series Specials