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Bike Buyers Tip: The best way to sell your motorcycle


Bike Buyers is in the business of purchasing motorcycles which find themselves on the showroom floor of the famous Fire It Up dealership in Fourways, and the number of motorcycles on the Fire It Up floor suggests they are damn good at what they do. Collectively, they have many decades of bike buying experience and will be sharing their knowledge with The Bike Show Website every Monday offering tips, advice, guidance and warnings regarding your bike buying or selling experience. For this week’s tip, we look into how putting your bike on consignment means if often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

Bike Buyers Fire It Up best way to sell motorcycle

Selling your motorcycle is a first-class shlep – you have to clean it until it sparkles, you have to find the right price, you have to advertise it, and then you have to sit through a series of time-wasting tyre kickers, and that’s if the criminals don’t get to you first.

If you don’t wish to sell your motorcycle privately, then there are two options – sell it to a dealer or put it on consignment.

The sell option is attractive because it means a quick and easy deal with a reputable buyer, but there is a problem because the dealer puts itself at risk buying your motorcycle and having to outlay cash. Therefore they will, understandably, not offer you as much as you could get selling it privately. Consignment is a good inbetweener – no need to deal with pesky potential buyers, and getting most of the maximum selling price with the dealer taking only their commission.

There are problems though because the dealer is going to want to sell its own stock – bought bikes and trade-ins – before it sells commission stock. It all makes sense because their own stock directly affects their cash-flow while consignment stock does not, therefore your bike will not get the best position in the showroom and the sales staff will push their own stock first. They also don’t want to spend any money on your bike so, it might not get properly cleaned, and there won’t be any advertising spent on it.

Also, the dealer might not take out insurance on consignment stock, and this becomes a huge risk for the seller as their bike might not now be covered for theft, accidents and fire.


Bike Buyers offers customers its Motorcycle Realty facility whereby customers put their bikes on show rather than on consignment. What this means is that sales staff do not know which bikes have been bought and which belong to customers. What this means is that all bikes are treated equally, so they are all detailed, all given the same marketing, are given fair positions in the showroom and the sales staff will punt them as much as their own stock. Bike Buyers also have insurance on all stock on their premises, whether owned or not. 

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