Bike Buyers a division of Fire It Up! situated in Fourways is well known for purchasing motorcycles and paying cash instantly. Today Bike Buyers is one of the largest and most well-known purchasers of motorcycles in South Africa buying all kinds of motorcycles including imports and exotics. Now they have implemented a new concept of Motorcycle Realtors whereby your consignment motorcycle is treated in much the same as a real estate agent might look after a family home. Craig Langton of Bike Buyers tells us more:

We take pride in offering the correct value for your motorcycle according to current market conditions. Our new unique offering is called “Your Professional Motorcycle Realtor” works similarly to Professional Real Estate Agents. When you are selling your property most sellers choose a Professional Realtor to market their Property not only to attract qualified buyers through the correct media channels  but also  to achieve the highest possible offer while having their property marketed correctly and the facilitating the entire transaction ensuring up get paid. once the property has been marketed correctly.

Bike Buyers Craig Langton
Craig Langton of Bike Buyers

Similarly, Bike Buyers offers a professional service where we valet and prepare your motorcycle for sale, advertise it to a qualified audience through the best advertising media guaranteeing maximum exposure. We offer your motorcycle to qualified buyers with our exclusive and unique integrity pack which includes value  such as a free 2 year warranty and Shark Helmet, guaranteed buy back which in turn makes your motorcycles more attractive to potential buyers. Putting your Motorcycle On Show at Fire It Up offers the following benefits:

  1. Your motorcycle is ‘On Show’ 7 days a week for potential buyers.
  2. Your motorcycle is marketed through the best media channels in SA including Social, TV, Print
  3. We accept all trade in’s on your motorcycle including cars and Jet Ski’s
  4. Your motorcycle is valeted and prepared for sale.
  5. The entire sale process is managed for you with finance on the floor 7 days a week.
  6. Your payment is guaranteed with no recourse to the seller.

Whilst there may be a perception that advertising your bike privately will yield higher at Bike Buyers we do not work on a fixed commission percentage, we prefer to rather ‘make a deal happen’ and present the seller with every offer  that we receive while managing the sellers and the buyers expectations.

Tel: 011 467 0737