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Craig Langton has quite the CV. Here at The Bike Show we refer to him as King Midas because, as you might’ve guessed, everything he touches turns to gold. Apart from previous businesses that were massively successful under his watch, he is the owner of Fire It Up in Fourways and within a year of opening its doors it has become the biggest selling motorcycle dealer in the country by a long way. Much of this is down to good honest hard work by him and his team, but much of it also has to do with decades of dealing in motorcycles, spotting trends and noticing nuances. Craig will be passing on much of this knowledge to our esteemed readers in his Bike Buyer Guru column that will be posted every Tuesday. Herewith this week’s column:

Recently, when chatting to a customer who is a phycologist, we were discussing how therapeutic motorcycling is and how motorcycling can be introduced as a form of therapy to help everyday sufferers with stress and depression.

At the time it seemed to make sense, so I put it to the test. A friend of mine who had recently become depressed from day to day life of going to work, sitting in traffic and sitting at home on the weekends for years on end had got to a point in his life where, not only was his marriage and his relationship with his children affected, but he had lost touch with his friends and life in general.

His wife urged him to start going to gym which he did and although he was in better shape his outlook on life remained unchanged. He just couldn’t explain the lack of enthusiasm he had for life and the loneliness he felt. Remembering the chat/idea a phycologist and customer of mine had with me, I offered to loan him a motorcycle so that he could start riding on the weekends to relieve some stress and take his mind off things. His wife was against the idea for safety reasons, but I convinced her that he would ride with a group of friends I know well.

I honestly believe and have witnessed that when you put man, motorcycle and a group of likeminded individuals together a few times a month it will change your life. Although every motorcyclist from all over South Africa will agree, not enough people realise how therapeutic riding a motorcycling can be.

My friend rides every two weeks, has met a new group of friends (motorcyclists so nice people obviously) and is a different person. His marriage is better than ever and so is the relationship with his children. When chatting to his wife recently she agreed that motorcycling has not only given him a new lease on life but has saved their marriage.

I think it is important to highlight that my friend had tried gym, cycling, counselling and several other activities to distract him from the pressures of a life, and in particular a male South African providing for a family in a tough economy, looking for happiness and more meaning in his life. In the end it took swinging his leg over a motorcycle and riding with a group of guys. Those few hours a couple of times a month has changed his life.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and don’t own or ride a motorcycle, give this some thought.


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