Big news – The Bike Show launches online channel:


The Bike Show Online TV Channel video

Pic: Meghan McCabe
The Bike Show TV trio of Mat Durrans, Harry Fisher and Donovan Fourie have launched a new online channel to compliment their already successful South African TV show that has been airing on DStv since 2014.

The channel is up on and has a Netflix-style layout with sections featuring videos extending from the most recent video on the left and older videos extending to the right.

The top section has the full weekly episodes, as seen on the Ignition TV show, where they test motorcycles, talk rubbish, look into events, talk rubbish, give riding and tech tips, talk rubbish, talk to other people in motorcycling, talk rubbish, plus other good stuff.

Apart from the current weekly episodes, they will be periodically putting up previous features from their six-year existence.

There is a sports section with Skype interviews from the likes of legendary MotoGP journalist Mike Scott, chats with various heroes like Brad Binder, Ross Branch, Travis Pastrana and all sorts.

There is a vlogs section with behind the scenes footage, usually shot by one of the team’s cellphones, showing what is coming on the show, interesting bits that have not made it into the show and general tomfoolery.

The Used Bikes section is where the team find interesting used bikes to look at often featuring some real gems.

The Tech & Riding Tip section shows various little tidbits of learning that the trio has picked up over their decades of riding, racing and, in the case of Harry, fiddling with tools and bits of duct tape.

The subscription fee is a piddly $1.50 (roughly R21.50) per month or a once-off fee of $12 (R171.60) per year. For this, subscribers will have full access to all content on the site that will be growing every week with the possibility of new features and sections added in the future.


See the below video for more talking rubbish: