Bike Buyers Tip: Aprilia and Ducati owners, don’t panic sell your bike


Bike Buyers is in the business of purchasing motorcycles which find themselves on the showroom floor of the famous Fire It Up dealership in Fourways, and the number of motorcycles on the Fire It Up floor suggests they are damn good at what they do. Collectively, they have many decades of bike buying experience and will be sharing their knowledge with The Bike Show Website every Monday offering tips, advice, guidance and warnings regarding your bike buying or selling experience. For this week’s tip, we look into how selling your bike because the importer status is uncertain is not always the best idea.

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There has been some worry in the industry regarding certain brands of bike and their importers. Or, better. lack thereof. MV Agusta took a sabbatical from South Africa but have now returned with Fire It Up, while Ducati seems to be a little bit messy right now with the Toby Venter crowd having closed their showroom, and there is word of a new importer starting a new store in Centurion. 

Then there is Aprilia, who has been importer-less since Cayenne closed their doors.

With this turmoil, current owners of these brands might feel an urgent need to sell their bike in case all support dries up and they are left with a worthless bike that cannot be serviced or repaired. In a panic, they take their bike to their local dealers where a salesman will look at it critically, shaking his head and saying things like “with no support, you’re not going to get a lot for this machine.”

They will then make an offer that they say is generous, the owner will take it thinking that at least something was been salvaged and the bike shop will then put that bike on their floor with a massive mark-up, happy in the knowledge that they just made a killing off someone.

Just because the brand is uncertain at the moment, please don’t think that you need to get rid of your bike as soon as possible. The value of the machine is not set to make a sudden drastic drop in value, and there are workshops that are bringing in spares, and have the equipment and expertise to look after it. 

More so, don’t hurry off and flog your bike in a panic, taking the first offer you get. You can keep your bike if you don’t need to sell it – it certainly won’t suddenly devalue. And if you do want to sell it, rather go to dealerships that are familiar with your brand, and get a few opinions. You may find that it is worth more than you think.

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