The now-famous AntiPants-AntiPoaching Ride is taking place once again this year. Pants-less participants will be meeting at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 23 January at 8am to leave at 9.

AntiPants AntiPoaching Ride 2019 _8643

The principle is simple – riders meet at the Union Buildings, at which point everyone removes their pants and leaves them with the AntiPant Mobile (otherwise known as the back-up vehicle) and then continue with the motorcycle mass ride in their underwear.

The ride travels through the streets of Pretoria, stopping for breakfast and coffee en route before heading towards the end destination, a pub/restaurant called Mulligan’s near Hartbeespoort Dam.

The point of this daring fun is to raise funds to help fight poaching with a different charity chosen every year. For 2022, the AntiPant-AntiPoaching Ride will focus on sea turtle conservation, giving all proceeds to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town that has a strong sea turtle rehabilitation program. Donations can be made by cash on the day or EFT.

AntiPants AntiPoaching Ride 2019 _8643

The brains behind AntiPants-AntiPoaching is the ever-effervescent Tanks Girls – Skinny and Yolandi. There were but a handful of attendants during the first event. This year, they are looking at possibly hundreds of motorcycles as it keeps growing.

As far as rides go, this is one of the most fun. For further information and to be kept up to date, follow the AntiPant-AntiPoaching event on Facebook.

AntiPants-Antipoaching image gallery from previous years: