The 35th South African Toy Run

26 November, countrywide


The Toy Run is a series of mass rides throughout South Africa where motorcyclists of all sorts join together to donate toys, money and whatever else to underprivileged children that might not have any over the Christmas period. Thousands of motorcyclists turn up with the tradition of strapping toys all over their motorcycles still going strong.

There’s a tradition at The Bike Show whereby toys are zip-tied onto our bikes to make sure they are secure and then, with our usual forward planning, we end up at the final venue with the toys still securely zip-tied and no method of freeing them, leaving a fat bloke, a tall bloke and a grumpy bloke accosting passersby asking them if they have a pen knife, or some scissors, or anything that could cut a particularly stubborn zip-tie.

The Toy Run was started in 1982 by Steve Keeley, the then editor of The Star Monitoring, as a small-ish event to help gather toys for less fortunate children before Christmas, and as a means to help disprove the outlook of the time that bikers were nothing more than thugs in leather. Over time the event grew, with smaller Toy Runs sprouting up all over the country. Within a few years, it became the biggest motorcycling event in South Africa.

The 35th annual Toy Run is taking place on 26 November with mass rides taking place in 23 towns and cities. Joburg is the biggest with five starting venues:

The end venue will once again be at the Benoni Northern Sports Club. For details about the other 22 venues, please consult the Toy Run website –

Below is the event poster. Click to enlarge to full size:


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