Full gallery: 2018 Inner City Enduro in Port Elizabeth


Pics: ZC Marketing Consultants
The Inner City Enduro – or, as it is widely known, ICE – is the brain child of Red Cherry Adventures, the same people that put on the successful Rallye Raid adventure events.

Downtown Port Elizabeth – or inner PE – succumbs to the wrath of both man-made and natural obstacles where some of the country’s top enduro riders thrill the PE crowd by taking motorcycles where they certainly are not supposed to go.

The are three classes – the Pro Class is by invitation only, the Privateer Class takes 15 privately entered individuals and the Junior Class is for kids 15 years-old and younger on 85cc and 65cc motorcycles. The Pro Class is the most interesting, where some of the top South African talent are invited to compete, including such stars as Blake Gutzeit, Roof of Africa winner Travis Teasdale, Altus de Wet, Dwayne Kleynhans, Max Jordaan, Brendan Smith, Willian Oosthuizen, Loyd Kirk and trials showman Brian Capper.

The race works on an elimination bases, whereby competitors complete laps of the extreme enduro course and the rider in last place on each lap is eliminated until one rider remains. The winners received giant cheques, trophies and the adoration of the inner city crowd.

Apart from the enduro antics, Brian Capper performed his usual death defying trials stunts where he jumps three storeys high and land on a small box on the top of his trailer.

Words are good, but pictures are much better. The camera team from ZC Marketing Consultants were on hand to capture all the antics. See the full gallery below.

2018 Inner City Enduro full gallery – click to enlarge:

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