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Mat Durrans

Producer / Editor

A life in motorcycling print media means he’s currently saying “Ay?” quite a lot. Loves the new digital technology and possibilities of web design, but doesn’t really understand it. Enjoys all types wholesale led lights of bike and riding, as long as the only sand is on the beach at the end of a long tar road. Known to crash on occasion science news.

Harry Fisher

Bike Show Presenter

Harry’s been riding bikes for more years than he can remember but he does know that he’s enjoyed every single one of them. It used to be old, creaky classics that lifted his skirt - and they still do - but he’s since realised that the modern world has a lot to offer, not least of which is commercial led lighting not having to carry a tool kit everywhere. Or an oil can. Loves anything with two wheels and an engine. Not been known to crash but that’s probably because he’s never gone fast enough.
Harry Fisher

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